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Step into the latest fishing adventures with Big John's Fishing Guide Services through our comprehensive fishing report. Guide John Enos and our expert team provide real-time insights into the current fishing conditions, the hottest spots on the Sacramento River, and the most successful techniques for reeling in prized catches. Stay ahead of the game with our dynamic fishing reports, ensuring every angler is well-prepared for an exciting and fruitful day on the water. Explore the waterways of Sacramento, CA, with confidence, guided by the expertise of Big John's Fishing Guide Services.

We get these questions a lot. Is Sacramento River good for fishing?

What is the Sacramento River known for? What is the biggest fish caught in the Sacramento River? Well, the Sacramento River is renowned for its exceptional fishing opportunities, making it a prime destination for anglers. Known for its prolific Chinook Salmon runs, Shad, Steelhead Trout, and Striped Bass, the river offers a diverse range of catches throughout the year. Some of the biggest fish caught in the Sacramento River include trophy-sized Chinook Salmon, with anglers achieving remarkable success in landing these prized catches. Big John's Fishing Guide Services, led by Guide John Enos, capitalizes on the river's abundant offerings, providing expert guidance and ensuring memorable fishing experiences for enthusiasts seeking the thrill of reeling in these impressive species in the heart of California.

Explore our fishing reports to discover the firsthand accounts of our guests as they share their experiences in successfully landing these impressive catches!

Big John's Fishing Guide Services offers an extensive seven-hour fishing excursion for an immersive and exciting angling experience.

We know that there are countless of resources available for planning your upcoming fishing expedition, we're delighted that our insights have proven valuable to you. At Big John's Fishing Guide Services, we're enthusiastic about imparting our expertise on this breathtaking waterway to fellow passionate anglers like yourself. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to fish alongside you!

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