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June 13, 2023
Trip taken June 13, 2023

Captain John Enos is a fishing maestro! His knowledge of the Sacramento waters is unparalleled, and he guided us to an incredible catch. His passion for fishing is infectious, making our trip an unforgettable experience.



April 2, 2023
Trip taken April 2, 2023

Big John's Fishing Guide Services is a gem, and Captain Enos is the treasure! His expertise transformed our fishing charter into a masterclass. We reeled in some impressive catches, and Captain Enos's friendly demeanor made the day exceptional



August 15, 2022
Trip taken August 15, 2022

Captain John Enos knows the rivers like the back of his hand! His skillful navigation and insight into the best fishing spots ensured a successful outing. We left with not only great catches but also a newfound appreciation for the Sacramento waterways.


Dory Beau

August 5, 2022
Trip taken August 5, 2022

Incredible day out on the water – can’t wait to get out again soon!



July 20, 2022
Trip taken July 20, 2022

Captain Enos turned a casual fishing trip into a thrilling adventure! His dedication to ensuring everyone had a great time was evident. The variety of fish we caught, from Chinook Salmon to Striped Bass, showcased his expertise in Sacramento's diverse waters



July 3, 2022
Trip taken July 3, 2022

An adventure with Captain Enos is a must for any angler! His 2008 River Barge is a dreamboat, and with a 225HP engine, we zipped through the waters effortlessly. The picturesque nature views and abundant wildlife were just the icing on the cake



March 8, 2022
Trip taken March 8, 2022

Five stars for Captain John Enos! His enthusiasm for fishing is contagious, and his patience with us novices was commendable. The wildlife views added a magical touch to the trip, making it more than just a fishing excursion



January 3, 2022
Trip taken January 3, 2022

Captain John Enos exceeded all expectations! His passion for fishing, coupled with the scenic beauty of Sacramento, made our charter an absolute delight. The memories of reeling in Steelhead Trout and spotting eagles will stay with us forever.



July 13, 2021
Trip taken July 13, 2021

Big John's Fishing Guide Services is the epitome of professionalism, and Captain Enos is the heart of it all. From baiting hooks to sharing fishing stories, he made us feel like family. The 20-foot flat-bottom boat was the perfect vessel for our fishing escapade



November 9, 2020
Trip taken November 9, 2020

Big John's Fishing Guide Services with Captain Enos is the go-to for a fantastic day on the water. The 2008 River Barge provided a stable and comfortable ride, and Captain Enos's knowledge of the ecosystem enriched the experience with fascinating insights into local wildlife.

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