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John was born in Sacramento; he is the middle of three children, having an older and younger sister. His family moved to Loomis when he was in elementary school. He has two grown boys and 2 family dogs. John has lived in Lincoln over 25 years, enjoying the small town atmosphere.

John fell in love with the outdoors at a young age when his family went on frequent camping trips. John’s father was a busy man and had limited time to spare, so when John got the opportunity to go fishing with his dad he loved the personal conversations and the time they shared together. This began a love of fishing for John; he takes pride in providing a relaxed atmosphere and good conversation on the boat.  His clients say that he is a patient and wonderful teacher. John has over 30 years experience on the local rivers and lakes; he enjoys sharing the natural surroundings with his clients, telling them about the environment, wildlife and history of the river.  John’s enthusiasm, as you will see, is contagious and will make your day on the boat with him like spending it with a friend.